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'Picard' offers a new kind of vision for Star Trek stories on TV

Picard has a message for the Star Trek series as most of us know it: "OK, boomer."

The opening three hours of CBS All Access' Star Trek: Picard make it clear that Starfleet, the peacekeeping and exploration force that was built around the basic idea of preserving life throughout the galaxy, is rotting from within. Even if there are outside influences at work, they're only chipping at the all-too-familiar cracks of fear-induced hatred and intolerance.

Does any of this sound familiar to you, people of 2020?

Picard immediately gets to work on unraveling what has always been Star Trek's rosy view of humanity's future. Starfleet's idealistic mission is allowed to crash against a much more complex reality where good and bad people end up on the same side and even the greatest of heroes have their flaws. Read more...

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Author: Adam Rosenberg
Milk, naps, and gangsta rap: Stephen Colbert sums up day 2 of the Trump impeachment trial

Republican Senator Rand Paul kept flipping to his crossword, Senator James Risch seemed to fall asleep at 5:30 p.m., Senator Tom Cotton had a glass of milk, and Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries quoted Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Juicy.' 

The second day of Trump's impeachment trial was full of weird details that will certainly add color to future history books. Even so, Late Show host Stephen Colbert noted that the momentous trial still couldn't beat Mr. Peanut or Gritty on Twitter's trending topics. "We're doomed," he sighed.

Colbert was impressed with Rep. Adam Schiff, who "took to the well of the Senate and played the hits," clearly laying out the case against President Trump. However, as expected, Republicans continued to Republican, blocking every attempt to allow further evidence in the trial.  Read more...

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Author: Amanda Yeo
New 'To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You' trailer brings the drama to Lara Jean's love triangle

Makeovers! Love triangles! Holland Taylor! The second official trailer for To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You has everything a great teen romance movie needs.

After an adorable Covey-sisters recap for anyone who hasn't already watched To All The Boys I've Loved Before five to twelve times (pocket spin!), the new trailer for the sequel gives us a better look at how the recast John Ambrose McLaren (Jordan Fisher) might come between Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). Notably, they're volunteering together (cute!) and Peter K is getting a bit green-eyed (less cute!). Read more...

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Author: Caitlin Welsh
Twitter is bringing Tapbacks to direct messages

I regret to inform you that Tapbacks have come to Twitter DMs. That's right: The worst part of texting is now in your Twitter inbox, too. 

It looks like Twitter is calling it "reactions," but the new feature, which is starting to roll out to Twitter users now, essentially works the same way as iMessage's infamous Tapbacks. Instead of responding to a DM with, you know, words, you can append an emoji "reaction" to the message.  

The official @Twitter account teased the feature as it started to roll out, sharing the string of emoji that will be available once the feature is live. 

sliding into your DMs like 😂 😲 😢 ❤️ 🔥 👍 👎

— Twitter (@Twitter) January 22, 2020

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Author: Karissa Bell
Trump says society needs to 'cherish' and 'protect' Elon Musk

Society must come together to "protect" and "cherish" Tesla CEO Elon Musk like the walking Fabergé egg that he is. 

So insisted Donald Trump today during a freewheeling CNBC interview that covered everything from Trump's best bud Tim Apple to how he's pretty sure Zuckerberg wants to run for president. But it was Trump's almost fatherly desire to coddle the Tesla CEO that perhaps most stood out. 

"I was worried about [Musk] because he's one of our great geniuses and we have to protect our geniuses," Trump told interviewer Joe Kernen. "And we have to protect Thomas Edison, we have to protect all of these people that came up with originally the lightbulb, and the wheel, and all of these things." Read more...

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Author: Jack Morse
Samsung's new foldable phone already sounds way better than the Galaxy Fold

We're still a few weeks away from Samsung officially unveiling its new foldable phone, but it's already sounding like it will be a significant improvement over the Galaxy Fold. At least, if the latest rumors are any indication. 

While we've already heard that the phone, which will reportedly be called the Galaxy Z Flip, will have a clamshell design, we now know a bit more about how that folding screen will work. 

The new details come from XDA Developers' Max Weinbach who reports the Z Flip will have the ability to "lock" at a 90-degree angle, which allows the bottom half of the phone to act as a kickstand. Apps, including the phone's camera, will be able to take advantage of this orientation, which sounds particularly useful for video calls or watching short videos. Weinbach also says the Flip will reprise another notable feature from the original flip phone era: ending phone calls by folding it closed.  Read more...

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Author: Karissa Bell
Extreme Arctic melting is caused by the same gasses harming the ozone

These harmful substances are found in hairsprays, bug sprays, and refrigerators. Read more...

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Author: Saavon Smalls
This smart mug supposedly keeps your coffee the perfect temperature — Future Blink

Created by Ember, the Travel Mug 2 is meant for any and all coffee lovers. Read more...

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Author: Saavon Smalls
Watch this interactive wall art react to your touch — Future Blink

Created by Nanoleaf, Canvas is a series of touch interactive light squares. Read more...

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Author: Saavon Smalls
Mic on Bezos' hacked phone possibly compromised for months

What secrets does Jeff Bezos spill behind closed doors?

The Amazon CEO and owner of the Washington Post meets with industry heads, politicians, and regulatory officials as a matter of course. And, as a forensic analysis of Bezos' hacked phone obtained by Motherboard shows, there's a possibility the Saudi government was listening in on those very conversations for months. 

The report, by cybersecurity firm FTI Consulting, details how and why investigators hired by the CEO came to believe his iPhone was hacked by the Saudi government. It also, however, notes the extent to which Bezos' phone was completely owned. Read more...

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Author: Jack Morse
Apple may unveil a new, cheaper iPhone as early as March

The rumored phone would have a 4.7 inch screen and home button, looking a lot like an iPhone 8. Read more...

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Author: Saavon Smalls
Best cheap robot vacuums: 7 options for less than $200

Robot vacuums can get pretty pricey, with some of the more advanced options running upwards of $1,000. If you don't need all the bells and whistles — like smart home mapping, mobile app integrations, and self-emptying canisters — then you don't have to spend that much money. There are cheaper robot vacuums out there, and the top ones will get the job done well.

Inexpensive options typically don't have smartphone app integration and all of the controls are done with a remote. You're usually able to set a timed schedule with the remote or set it to go off in the moment, so you do have some sort of control aside from just pressing a button on the vacuum itself. Remotes often act as a steering device, allowing you to operate the robot vacuum like an RC car. Read more...

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IMAGE: Walmart


Aiibot T288

The Aiibot is great for someone who is interested in robot vacuums but doesn't want to drop a ton of money.

  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • App integration: No
$129.99 from Walmart

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IMAGE: Amazon



While this isn't powerful enough to completely replace a traditional vacuum, it does help with daily cleaning.

  • Run time: 100 minutes
  • App integration: No
$159.99 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


Coredy R300

Keeps pretty quiet during day-to-day floor maintenance.

  • Run time: 110 minutes
  • App integration : No
$165.99 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


Ecovacs Deebot N79S

This is a starter model with some advanced features from a high-quality brand and the absolute best option on this list.

  • Run time: 110 minutes
  • App integration: Yes
$169 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


Goovi D380

A main brush roll makes this vacuum good on carpet and hair, a rarity at this price point.

  • Run time: 100 minutes
  • App integration: No
$189.99 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


Amarey A800 robot vacuum cleaner

For its price, this vacuum can handle hair and other messes decently well.

  • Run time: 100 minutes
  • App integration: No
$199.99 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Walmart


Diggro D600

A great option thanks to its main brush roll that can actually handle hair and zig zag pattern that mimics the way you'd vacuum manually.

  • Run time: 120 minutes
  • App integration: No
$199.99 from Walmart

Author: Miller Kern
SF Pride voted to ban Google, YouTube. But it's more complicated than that.

Members of San Francisco Pride (SF Pride), the organization behind the city's famous pride parade and festival, voted last week to remove Google and YouTube as sponsors and participants in future celebrations, citing what some voting members of the organization perceived to be inadequate protection from homophobia, racism, and harassment on Google's platforms, particularly YouTube. 

"Companies are no longer scared to be seen as pro-LGBTQ; in fact, their participation is a great opportunity for them. We believe companies should earn that opportunity by proving that they really do stand with our community," read a statement given to the SFGATE about the decision from Laurence Berland and Tyler Breisacher, two SF Pride members. Berland, now one of the members helming the current efforts to ban Google, is also a former Google employee.  Read more...

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Author: Natasha Piñon
This cursed Baby Yoda chart will make you want to log off

Baby Yoda. Mike Wazowski. Shrek. Kermit the Frog. 

What do you get when these four green superstars collide? One giant, supremely twisted, and positively ghastly punnett square that splices their genes into monstrous creations.

Have you ever wanted to see Mike Wazowski's head on Shrek's body? How about Kermit's head on Mike Wazowski's body? Baby Yoda's head on Shrek's body? What do you mean the answer to all of those questions is "NO?"

Well, too bad. The image exists. It's here. And since we have to look at it, so do you.  Read more...

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Author: Andy Moser
Jeff Bezos tweets reminder that Saudi government murdered a journalist

Jeff Bezos has some thoughts for the Saudi government.

Following yesterday's bombshell report that the Amazon CEO's phone was likely hacked at the direction of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), Bezos took a moment to remind the world that the same government murdered and dismembered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. And Bezos did so over Twitter

Bezos shared a photo of himself, with the hashtag #Jamal, commemorating the one-year anniversary of Khashoggi's death. The photo, taken on Oct. 2, 2019, in front of the Saudi embassy in Turkey where Khashoggi was tortured and killed, shows Bezos next to Khashoggi's former fiancé, Hatice Cengiz.  Read more...

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Author: Jack Morse
B&W PX7 review: Near-perfect wireless headphones
The Good
Fantastic sound • Comfortable • Great set of features
The Bad
Minor design issues • Pricey
The Bottom Line
The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 are fantastic wireless headphones, with excellent sound and a great feature set.
⚡ Mashable Score 4.5
😎 Cool Factor 4.0
📘Learning Curve 4.0
💪Performance 5.0
💵Bang for the Buck 4.0

A little over two years ago, hi-fi company B&W launched its first-ever set of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, the PX. They sounded great and had a lot of nice features, but they weren't very comfortable.  Read more...

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Author: Stan Schroeder
Someone used a cheese slice as a bookmark, and the library's shaming them on Twitter

As we've learned from the chaotic evil "Don't have a bookmark?" meme from 2019, many items in this world are not meant to be placed between the paper pages of valuable reading material.

Bad bookmarks include everything from a pile of Chex Mix or a puddle of Vitamin Water, to a bunch of Gushers fruit snacks and a piece of chicken. Most suggestions made on Twitter last year were jokes, so we let them slide, but it's recently come to our attention that an actual human being once used a slice of cheese as a bookmark, which is absolutely unacceptable.

On Tuesday, the University of Liverpool Library tweeted photographic evidence of this crime against books. "This is not a bookmark," the account declared, and posted a cursed photo of a discolored, oily, old slice of cheese that's still wrapped in plastic. Read more...

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Author: Nicole Gallucci
National Weather Service accurately forecasts iguanas falling from trees

Weather prediction has become increasingly excellent. For example, the National Weather Service forecast, with astonishing accuracy, rainfall totals from Hurricane Florence five days in advance.

And the weather agency can forecast falling iguanas, too. 

On Tuesday afternoon the National Weather Service office in Miami tweeted "...don't be surprised if you see Iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s. Brrrr!" Chilly temperatures often temporarily stun cold-blooded iguanas, meaning the ubiquitous southern Florida reptiles fall from trees.

The forecast was spot on. Denizens of South Florida found knocked-out iguanas around the region. Read more...

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Author: Mark Kaufman
Jeff Bezos reportedly hacked by Saudi crown prince over WhatsApp

Bezos and the prince of Saudi Arabia were messaging back and forth on Facebook-owned WhatsApp in 2018 when the former received a video file from the latter's WhatsApp account.  Read more...

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Author: Saavon Smalls
Planters kills off Mr. Peanut for a Super Bowl ad, and people are thrilled

"Mr. Peanut" has "died," according to the Planters mascot's official Twitter account. 

The sentient legume's demise is part of a Super Bowl ad campaign, according to AdAge, which began with a video of Mr. Peanut sacrificing himself to save his friends Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh in the wake of a harrowing Nutmobile accident.

His funeral will reportedly air during the third quarter of the game. 

On Twitter, reactions to the nut's death were, unfortunately, mostly positive. The official platform of brain worms has never handled weird brand tweets particularly well — people tend to either play gleefully into the brand's strategy or get way meaner than a probably-beleaguered social media manager deserves — but Mr. Peanut is already divisive.  Read more...

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Author: Chloe Bryan
Your medical marijuana info may have leaked in this major dispensary breach

Tens of thousands of cannabis users’ personal data has been exposed, including information belonging to medical marijuana patients, due to a breach of a sales system used throughout the industry.

Internet privacy researchers at vpnMentor discovered the data breach in THSuite, a cannabis point-of-sales system. The exposed data was discovered in a completely unsecured and unencrypted Amazon S3 bucket owned by the company. 

The data was first discovered on Christmas Eve of 2019. vpnMentor’s researchers, led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, contacted THSuite soon after. The exposed database was finally closed on Jan. 14 of this year. Read more...

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Author: (Deleted account)
Jeff Bezos' DMs hint Saudi crown prince knew private info from hack, report says

It sure looks like Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman spent some time poking around Jeff Bezos' private business after the Amazon CEO's phone was reportedly hacked.   

According to the New York Times, investigators have pieced together a timeline and determined that, after the hack, the Saudis learned about Bezos' private affair with Lauren Sanchez. 

In the spring of 2018, about a month after first meeting bin Salman at a dinner in Los Angeles and exchanging numbers with him, Bezos received a video from bin Salman's number on WhatsApp that featured "an image of Saudi and Swedish flags overlaid with Arabic text." After that, investigators note, "the amount of data exiting his phone increased almost three hundredfold." Read more...

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Author: Marcus Gilmer
Dive into your 2020 reading list and get a year's worth of Audible for under $100

TL;DR: New subscribers can sign up for a one-year Audible Gold membership for just $99.50 now through Jan. 31. (This plan normally retails for $149.50, so you'll be saving a solid $50.)

Be honest: Have you abandoned your New Year's resolution already? 

If so, no hard feelings: Experts say that about 80% of resolution-setters ditch these commitments by the second week of February, mainly because their goals are too lofty and involve lifestyle changes that are too drastic — like vowing to go to Planet Fitness every day even though you haven't touched a treadmill since the Obama presidency. In other words, you're hardly in the minority, here. Read more...

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Author: Haley Henschel
7 senators brought Apple Watches to Trump impeachment hearing, breaking no electronics rule

As part of decorum rules, senators were told before the hearing that "no use of phones or electronic devices will be allowed in the Chamber. All electronics should be left in the Cloakroom in the storage provided." Read more...

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Author: Saavon Smalls
How Britain's new child privacy protections will impact the internet

A massive crackdown on how tech and social media companies use children's data is underway in the UK.

Over the next 12 months, everyone from YouTube to Spotify will legally have to conform to a set of 15 "standards" laid out in the catchily-named guide, "Age appropriate design: a code of practice for online services," released on Wednesday by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office.

If they don't make the necessary changes – which are aimed at anyone under the age of 18 – the companies risk regulatory action.

"The code is a set of 15 flexible standards — they do not ban or specifically prescribe — that provides built-in protection to allow children to explore, learn and play online by ensuring that the best interests of the child are the primary consideration when designing and developing online services," Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said in a statement. Read more...

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Author: Sam Haysom
Slow cookers are on sale that will arrive by game day, like this $10 Crock-Pot

Googling food ideas for football watch parties is potentially the most chaotic recipe search of the year.

There are simply too many dips, wing sauce flavors, and nacho toppings that you've never even heard of to try. And though buffalo chicken dip is the all-time champion (and I will not be taking replies at this time), grabbing an extra slow cooker to test out a new recipe is an easy way to guarantee a successful watch party. If you don't care about sports, it's an excuse to make a greasy appetizer anyway.

Walmart and Amazon have a few ultra-cheap options from Crock-Pot and Hamilton Beach on sale, and ordering within the next few days will guarantee arrival by the big game. Read more...

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Author: Leah Stodart
This retro Star Wars arcade cabinet is over $100 off on Amazon

TL;DR: Journey to a galaxy far, far away with this awesome Star Wars Arcade1Up cabinet — it's $103 off as Amazon's deal of the day. 

The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian hype has died down by now, but we're still craving more Star Wars content — as usual. This time, we're feeling like going back to the classics. 

This Arcade1Up cabinet contains three games based on the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi), and it's over $100 off right now$103 off, to be exact. 

Venture into a galaxy far, far away and engage in the space adventure of a lifetime without having to actually leave the atmosphere. The sense of nostalgia doesn't just begin and end with the three included games, though — you're sure to feel a blast from the past with a retro-as-hell arcade cabinet in your own home. The machine features a full-color 17-inch display, dual speakers, and a replica flight yoke controller in addition to the other assorted buttons. The art and illuminated marquee are accurate to the original cabinet from back in the day, too. In other words, it's pretty sweet.  Read more...

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Author: Dylan Haas
Greta Thunberg guarantees you won’t forget this number

Greta Thunberg addressed a blazer-clad crowd of financiers, bankers, investors, and whomever else was in attendance at the Davos World Economic Forum on Tuesday.

The 17-year-old climate activist didn't stray from her blunt message. 

"In chapter two on page 108 in the S.R. 1.5 IPCC Report that came out in 2018, it says that if we are to have a 67 percent chance of limiting the global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, we had on January 1st, 2018 420 gigatons of CO2 left to emit in that budget," she said. 

Thunberg is telling the grown-ups that, unless radical and immediate action is taken to curb civilization's carbon emissions, the planet will (sometime around 2035) warm by over 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, above temperatures in the late 1800s. And according to the landmark U.N. report referenced by Thunberg, this means humanity would experience bad and ever-worsening consequences of a warming planet. How bad? Well, we've seen what just over 1 degree C of warming can do to Australia.   Read more...

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Author: Mark Kaufman
Get reliability — and up to $220 off — when you buy an HP laptop

TL;DR: Master the art of multi-tasking with the help of an HP laptop for up to $220 off at Walmart. 

You don't have to break the bank and spend $1,000 to get a laptop that's actually reliable. Companies like HP seem to understand that you're constantly on the go and need something that won't break down while using it for the fifth time on your commute. 

Luckily, Walmart is having a few rollbacks on HP laptops that can get you their Intel Core i5 processor for up to $220 off.  

Check out all the HP deals below and other laptop/tablet sales here.

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Author: Veronika Kero
Taylor Swift opens up in Netflix documentary: 'I became the person everyone wanted me to be'

"I had to deconstruct an entire belief system, toss it out, and reject it," Taylor Swift shares in the trailer for Miss Americana, the forthcoming Netflix documentary about the pop star

The footage teases a closer look at one of the most famous artists in the world, particularly around her public political awakening, activism, and how she navigates when and how to use her powerful voice. It seems like all the "storylines" around Swift's past few years will be tackled, from her haters to the pressures of the spotlight. 

All that, and a behind-the-scenes look at what seems to be some seriously sparkly light up shoes.

Miss Americana, directed by Lana Wilson, will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival later this week, and then be available in select theaters and on Netflix Jan. 31.  Read more...

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Author: Erin Strecker