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2017-08-22 13:45:59 - 105 reproducciones
Peggy Segaetsho, born blind to a family in Botswana in the 60's, is no stranger to hardship, heartache and struggle. Growing up and living as an independent, single woman in a country that did not and is still not very inclusive for those living with the disabilities, Peggy has had to develop a strength and enduring character to overcome many challenges and prejudices. In her talk, interviewed by Renee Khonat, Peggy shares some of the unique challenges she and others living with the disability of blindness face daily in her country and describes how she has developed a spirit of endurance. Born in Serowe, Botswana, Peggy Segaetsho is the 4th of 8 children born to Rebana and Thoromo Segaetsho. Born blind, Peggy’s parents played an important role in shaping how she came to see herself in the years to come, that she was no different to anyone else. Hard work and faith were the precepts that her parents instilled in her, which cemented a belief that she could achieve and become whatever she set her mind to, with the help of God. As a visually impaired person, Peggy developed a firm belief in her ability to overcome difficult circumstances. In addition, being exposed to disabilities of many other kinds, Peggy came to the life-affirming realization that her situation and her disability was far better than those many others had to face. With that she came to believe that she could face whatever was to come. There is no limit to what Peggy’s tenacity and faith have seen her through over the years. She became the first blind switchboard operator at Ministry of Health’s Medical Stores, a job she applied for (amidst great opposition) and assumed in 1983, to date. She has lived alone for the past 25 years, taking care of herself without any house help or live-in assistance. She has undertaken to build her own house, a great feat which is near completion. Peggy thoroughly enjoys “exciting” hobbies such as swimming, traveling outside of Botswana (oftentimes alone using public transportation), and has a great passion for lay-counselling and motivational speaking. Peggy Segaetsho is a woman who truly lives by faith and not by sight. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at