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2019-04-18 17:07:41 - 102 views
This powerful yet enjoyable piece, Dr Andrea talks in a poem style how poetry can save the world, Her work she is doing to heal the hearts of Rwandans who faced genocide in 1994 is tremendous and teaches us how poetry can be an antidote of grief and anger but yet poetry stands in a delicate period where it is being ignored by many as people claim not to be having time to listen or perform poetry. Her performance is a wonderful classic one that you will love to listen and learn from her message. Dr. Andrea Grieder is an Anthropologist and Poet. She is originally from Switzerland, has studied in Paris and travelled to Cuba, Venezuela, Yemen, India among other places: As a traveler and observer, she engages with other cultures and people, and writes about her journey in poems, as a reflection of the world outside and a transformation of the inner world. In Rwanda, she has found a second home. She is the founder of Transpoesis, an organization that promotes poetry as a way of transformation, of healing and empowerment. She trains in poetic creativity and organizes the monthly poetry competition Kigali Vibrates with Poetry with a team of poets and talented young people. The winners are proudly awarded with the Nyirarumaga Trophy. The award is created in reference with Nyirarumaga, the mother of poetry in Rwanda, rooting poetry in the past, in the tradition of Rwanda as well as giving voice to the different experiences of reality, fostering understanding and tolerance. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at